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1 sell Saudi Arabia Send Inquiries
Medmak Industrial Co.
MAKLUBE SAE 20W50 API SL is a multi-technology, newgeneration, highest performance engine oil. Formulatedwith highly rened base stock with additive system tomeet the requirements of virtually all gasoline-poweredengines in today痴 market place. Its detergent,dispersant and anti-foam additive technology resists theformation of deposits and black sludge, thus allowing tomaintaining a clean engine.maintaining a clean engine
2 Organic Fertilizers Nigeria Send Inquiries
Comarbles Nig Ltd
We have organic fertilizers for sale to reliable enquiries.Terms of trade / payment is via L/C,and only credible offers will be responded to.
3 Siloxane H20 based sealer South Africa Send Inquiries
Nanoproof siloxane based nano-sealer for cement tiles and concrete. Water-based.Alkaline and acid resistant. Last 3-5 years. Hydrophobic(repels water).
4 Testosterone Base China Send Inquiries
Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Testosterone BaseChemical name: 4-Androsten-17beta-ol-3-one CAS No.: 58-22-0Content: 98% Molecular formula: C19H28O2 Appearance: white or off-white crystalline powder Usage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. For disease-free testosterone replacement therapy, male menopause, impotence and other diseases treatment.Specification: enterprise standarde-mail:candy@yuanchengtech.comskype:Tao sylvia
5 DHBP CAS NO 78-63-7 China Send Inquiries
Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd
Brief Introduction:DHBP is a low volatility, yellowish liquid , dialkyl peroxide for cross linking of elastomers (silicone rubber, EPDM, PE etc.).Mp 8 ℃, relative density 0.8650, refractive index 1.4185 (28 ℃), flash point: closed / 36 ℃, open / 58 ℃, 80 self-accelerating decomposition temperature ℃. not soluble in water, soluble in alcohols, esters, ethers, hydrocarbons and organic solvents, has a special smell. Active oxygen Content11.02%.Half life Data:Activation Energy……36.0kcal/mole10hr,Half Life Temp. ………………118℃1hr,Half Life Temp. …………………138℃1min,Half Life Temp ………………177℃Specification:Test ItemLimitAssayMin.93%ColorMax.90HazenFeMax.0.0003%Application Condition:As Cross linking Agent, the temperature over 90 degrees Celsius, the amount of 1.2-2.5% (depending on different types of elastomers required).Package ...
6 TMPTMA CAS NO 3290-92-4 China Send Inquiries
Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd
Brief Introduction」コTMPTMA is light yellow transparent liquid, soluble in most organic solution, insoluble in water and alcohol.As Cross-linking agent,rubber modifier, TMPTMA could decrease the radiation dosage, save the radiation time,increase the cross-linking density,low viscosity,high cross-linking properties,low vapour tension, high speed solid.As co-vulcanizing agent applicated in the synthetic rubber,it could Improve the properties of anti-corrosion, anti-age and increase the rubber hardness, thermal resistance, absorb the per-oxide product。ッs(like DCP) smell when in the process of vulcanizing.Help the rubber more plastic when in the mix process, make the vulcanized rubber more harder. Suitable for MBR, EPDM, ACM and CR ,etc.Specification」コTest ItemLimitMoisture。ワ0.2%Soild assay」ィWt%」ゥ。ン98.5Acid 」ィmgKoH/g」ゥ。ワ0.2Density ...
7 Triallyl Isocyanurate CAS NO 1025-15-6 China Send Inquiries
Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd
Brief Introduction」コTAIC is multifunctional alkene monomer with aromatic heterocycle. It is not dissolves in water, slightly dissolved in alkane, and completely dissolves in aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, acetone, hydrocarbon halides, cyclopentene hydrocarbon.TAIC is widely used as the cross-linking agent, modifier and assistant vulcanizer of thermoplastics, ion exchange resin and special rubber. It is also an intermediate of photocureable coating, photoresists and flame retardant.Specification」コgradeNormal TAICHigh purity TAICRefined TAICAppearanceYellowish liquid(crystal)colorless liquid or crystalClear liquid or crystalHue(Pt-Co)<150<30<50Active Content」ィ%」ゥ。ン95.0。ン99.0。ン98.0Acid ValuemgKOH/g」ゥ。ワ0.5。ワ0.2。ワ0.3Package and Storage」コIron drums or paper bags lined with PVC film bags; net weight: 200kg or 25kg;IBC drum 1000kg net weight.Store in cool, shady, dry and ...
8 Benzoyl Peroxide CAS NO 80-43-3 China Send Inquiries
Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd
Type 1, BPO 75% water ィCwet granulesBrief Introduction」コBPO75% is a free flowing granular form of water damped diacyl peroxide, used as initiator of polymerization in styrene, acrylic resins; and curing agent for unsaturated resin and elastomers.Melt point:103-106。紊(decompose)slightly soluble in water, ethanol, soluble in aether, acetone, chloroform and benzene.Application:Free radical polymerization initiator and cross-linking agent in a wide variety of applications.An effective initiator in the polymerization and co-polymerization of numerous vinyl monomers which include styrene, methyl methacrylate, acrylic esters, acrylonitrile, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, and ethylene.An excellent ambient temperature initiator for unsaturated polyester resins.Type 2, BPO 50% pasteBrief Introduction」コBPO 50% paste ...
9 dicumyl peroxide cas no 8-43-3 China Send Inquiries
Tianjin Icason Technology Co.,Ltd
Brief Introduction:DCP is white crystalline.Melting point of 41 - 42 ℃. Relative density of 1.082.Decomposition temperature 120 - 125 ℃ room temperature stable. Gradually become yellowish under light. Insoluble water, soluble ethanol, ether,acetic acid, benzene and petroleum ether.Theoretical Active Oxygen 5.92% (purity 100%), 5.62% (95% purity);Half Life Data:100hr, Half Life Temp101℃10hr, Half Life Temp117℃1min, Half Life Temp171℃Type 1,DCP 99%,CrystalSpecification:Testing ItemFirst GlassAppearanceWhite crystalPurity,%99.5 minMelting point,℃39.0 minTotal volatile content,%0.20 maxMelt color (Pt-Co)100 maxApplication:An efficient organic peroxide crosslinking agent for PE,EVA,EPR,Siclione and VAE.Crosslinking agent for EVA foam sheet,EVA shoe sole,PE foam.Initiator of polymerization of styrene, mainly used for EPS resin.Initiator/crosslinking agent for XLPE,mainly ...
10 Testosterone Propionate (Steroids) China Send Inquiries
Hubei Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Ltd.,.Co
Testosterone Propionate (Steroids) Synonyms: Testosterone-17beta-propionate; Testosteroni propionas; Testoxyl; Testrex; Tostrin; Uniteston; Vulvan; CAS .:57-85-2 EINECS: 200-351-1 Assay: 98% minMolecular Formula :C22H32O3 Molecular Weight :344.49Molecular Structure: Melting point :118ーC Character: White crystalline powder. Usage: Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. To promote the formation, development and maturation of male sexual organs, and against estrogen, inhibit the growth of endometrium and pituitary function of ovary. Promote the protein synthesis and metabolism, the function of the bone marrow hematopoietic function and stimulate the generation of blood cells.Clinical used for male hypogonadism disease, disease of testosterone and cryptorchidism); Gynecological diseases, such as menorrhagia, uterine fibroids, ...

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